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Since 1974, Lorain County has had an animal rescue group of volunteers helping the community evacuate their homes by rescuing and providing care for the family pets and livestock under all disaster incidents. By the time Katrina hit New Orleans, legislation was found lax in providing for families involved in major incidents of disaster. With the PETS Act passed, pet and livestock rescue was recognized by FEMA and plans were laid to formalize rescue efforts. The County Animals Rescue & Evacuation Organization provides your community, county, state and country with rescue and evacaution volunteers that are well-equipped and well-trained.  

The members of CARE, working with Lorain County Emergency Management and the Lorain County American Red Cross, are the first responders to any and all incidents. These incidents would include fires, floods, weather-related disasters and hazardous material incidents.

All members are required to complete the certification process which CARE provides, and to be prepared at all times to respond to these incidents. Please have an emergency plan for your own home and advise your family and neighbors of this plan. CARE will be able to assist you with your preparation.

Please be aware that our community includes not only domestic animals, but farm animals, exotic pets, and animal facilities that may need to be evacuated. Our training will prepare you for incidents of this nature.

We thank-you for your interest in CARE and your interest in the welfare of animals

Join the Lorain County CARE Team
CARE is always in need of new responders, and while animal or rescue experience is helpful, all individuals are welcome to join. We also welcome resources from anyone who can provide housing, medical care or transportation for animals. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a certified responder with Lorain County CARE.

CARE of Lorain County
Coordinator:  Lori Kossick