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CARE members follow the training syllabus listed below. Once you complete all the classes you will receive a certification of completion and become a first responder for incidents involving animals. The classes are scheduled so you will have completed the courses in one year. All three counties will hold these classes on various dates and locations and one can attend these classes at the location and date of their choice.

Educational seminars and other continuing education classes will also be offered. Attendance may be mandatory, depending on the offering. Any scheduled drills will require mandatory attendance.

The training classes are as follows:
  1. Hazardous Material Training (IS340)
  2. Psychological Aspects of a disaster on Human and Animal Behavior
  3. Small and Large Animal Handling
  4. Bird and Reptile Handling
  5. Pet First Aid
  6. Incident Documentation
  7. FEMA Classes  (on-line and classroom instruction)  IS-10, IS-11, IS-700, IS-800

The additional training courses and seminars will included Horse Handling, Severe Weather, Water Safety, CERT, Livestock in disaster, additional FEMA classes, and other local and state classes that become available to us.